In search of 1876 Edition of Paramartha Sara -and the confusion if it is the Oldest Printed Text of Kashmir Shaivism solved

So finally we did find Paramartha Sara – and it is not by Abhinavagupta but the Adi Shesha Version – the full story.

Guruji Prof. Navjivan Rastogi – had first brought this to my attention that he had heard a rumor that Naval Kishore Press in circa 1880s had published a Paramartha Sara with a Hindi Translation. He also apprised me that this text has two authors Adi Shesh and Abhinavagupta – the latter’s version is basically a redaction of the former to be more fine-tuned to Shaivite principals.

A suprisingly happy evidence was received in Ulrike Strike’s Empire of Books – History of Naval Kishore’s Career with the following

This above is clearly attributing this edition to be Abhinavaguptan and now we were convinced that in 1876 for the first time the obscure Kashmir Shaivism had made it to print as the upward historical limit.

Yesterday at World Book Day Ranbir Library, Jammu – the slim text was seen and I got to photograph them.

Pictures below:

Soon we realized.

Naval Kishore wrongly attributes this to Shankaracharya.

This text is not by Abhinavagupta – so Ulrike Strike’s index of publication is incorrect- it is the original Paramartha Sara of Adi Shesha.

Hence, the oldest text of Kashmir Shaivism in print is till much later.


the above in DLI’s characteristically pathetic scans was always there all this while.

Announcing merger of eGangotri Foundation with SKF Chennai

eGangotri Foundation has now formally merged with Chennai based Siddhanta Knowledge Foundation.

Management/execution/people/staff/centers everything runs as usual. Finance/Budgeting/Admin/Public Relations/Salaries will now be exclusively handled by SKF.eGangotri will focus on strategy/execution/data acquisition-management only.

This, a very salutary arrangement that will now allow us – given the budget allocation – to atleast double our head-count in 2023 and increase by 5-8 new centers touchwood.

We hope by end of this year we could increase our current average of 2.5 lakh pages/month-1200pdfs/month to double or more of that.

eGangotri continues to ask patrons to give generous tips for archive-worthy libraries and collections so we can enrich the readership options of Indologists.

eGangotri opts for brood-parasitism

per wiki:

Brood parasites are animals that rely on others to raise their young.

Today we received a call from the samaritans at from Bangalore.

in a long conversation discussing several areas of mutual cooperation. one of the things that emerged was there 10% monthly bandwidth to digitize external collections.

I immediately jumped on that offer and now our sole-acquired collection – 17 cartons + some more unshipped – can be brood-parasitically dumped to for free scanning/upload to plus more nuanced metadata than our minimilastic.

As an initial experiment one carton of our Lucknow Bhuvan Vani Trust Donation will be shipped to there Bangalore Office. then subsequently the remaining cartons.

Great Time and resource Savings.

Now we can fully concentrate on public and private collections elsewhere


Other Takeaways:

Monthly Output:

10-12 Lakh pages/month upto 15 Lakh
8 Machines.
5-6K pages/day/operator

Sanchaya’s Book Upload Account

Most of the Scans at a Law Institute in Bangalore.

One of our Kannada Shiv Puran Scans from Jangamwadi Math is being published as a series in a prominent Kannada magazine.

Sanchaya work closely with and Carl Malmud.

Carl Malmud wants to digitize all Law Collections globally.

Know Indian Copyright Laws Series – II. Making Digital Copies of Copyright Protected Works is perfectly Legit

Books in copyright can be digitized as an Exception under Clause 52-1(a)(i) – provided it is for private or personal research.

Relevant passage:

52. Certain acts not to be infringement of copyright. —

(1) The following acts shall not constitute an infringement of copyright, namely, —

[(a) a fair dealing*** with any work, not being a computer programme, for the purposes of—

(i) private or personal use, including research;

Explanation. — The storing of any work in any electronic medium for the purposes mentioned in this clause, including the incidental storage of any computer programme which is not itself an infringing copy for the said purposes, shall not constitute infringement of copyright.]

*** fair above only refers to ethical behaviour – such as not falsely claiming a work to be yours. it is not related to page-count.


eGangotri 36. California Visit. Recovery of Some More Fragments of Ishvar Pratyabhijna Vivritti. Kannada-Marathi-Sharada Digitizations

Yet again a much overdue newsletter after much procrastination as last time.

notable experiences 

– meeting in San Francisco with Brewter Kahle. Founder of and Crusader of Open-Accessing Books 

– meeting in San Diego with Sthaneshwar Timalsina ji – Nepalese Shaiva Tantra Master and Celebrity Author of Wisdom Writtings.

notable texts digitized:

The most overwheming news  shall be the discovery of 43 folios of Ishvar Pratyabhijna Vivritti of Utpal Dev (ईश्वर प्रत्यभिज्ञा विवृत्ति / उत्पल देव) – a text unavailable to Modern Scholarship except in small portions at National Archives, New Delhi and Maharaja Karan Singh’s Library, Jammu.

These 43 folios are also a fragment of the much sought after Text – but some new portions must be in it – they  are currently being examined by the Only Scholar who I have given complete access to : Guruji Prof. Navjivan Rastogi.

The 2/3rds that I have released for the Public now are viewable below:

and the tweet announcement:

The Owner has forbidden being identified. I would also have made the whole text available to everyone as usual but Guruji wants to publish it first so I am obligated to respect his wish.

Readers may note my first work of digitization had happened at Gurujis residence and without any reservations Guruji had given us complete access to his highly curated multi-decade amassed Collection – hence when I reciprocate Gurujis wish I am only repaying a fraction of the debt I and the Indology Community owe him.

Readers would also find enlightenment about a brief history and importance of this Text the Vivritti of Utpal.

Utpal operating in circa 10th Century CE – wrote the Pratyabhijna Karika (ईश्वर प्रत्यभिज्ञा) – the Foundational Text of the School of Recognition in verse (Karikas). He also wrote a short Prose Commentary on it simultaneously the Vritti (वृत्ति). Both these are extant and have been published optimally.

The Vivritti (विवृत्ति) the longer later Commentary on the Karika – had been unkwown to the early pioneers: KSTS et al.

 before the behemoth scholar K.C.Pandey – Gurujis’ (Prof. Rastogi) Guruji – through Ishvar Kaul was able to retrieve a transcript from Sharada.

This transcript was never published and the widow of the Late K.C.Pandey never allowed even Prof. Torella to make a copy. nobody knows what happened to the transcript and one of the greatest chapters in Indian Philosophic writting was lost – withheld by the mindless stubborness of a custodian who had no clue what she was refusing or its impact.

This behaviuor is very similar to what me and my team encounter from many custodians of such manuscripts and who put mindless roadbocks to our work – not just denying access but spreading rumours and sheer non-sense. I dont take it personally but who are they hurting.

The Universe however, had alternate plans to the widow’s inconsideration. The Sharada Original of which the transcript was made for K.C. Pandey – was discovered at the National Archives by Prof. Torella and he has published an excellent edition of the fragments.

Based on these fragments, Prof. Torella has declared they represent the single most important mystical work from the Indian Sub-continent. He also noted that Utpal’s scholarship was overshadowed by Abhinava’s more glamorous stature and receded in currency and esteem but with the hindsight of history and modern tools he proclaims they both are the biggest co-equal Giants of Indian Mysticism.

Prof. Torella’s story here:

The 2nd witness of this text in Devanagari with additional material was digitized from Maharaja Karan Singh’s Libray by us  –  the text had been scribbled in the colophons of a Vimarshini – and identified and published by Prof. Isabelle Ratie ( no not the Consort of Kandarpa the Cupid – who was reduced to ashes by the 3-Eyed One for his cosmic prank; not also the subject of Kalidas’ famous passage the Rati-Vilap (रति विलाप) in his Mahakavya Kumar Sambhav. But our small group at eGangotri did witness a different kind of Ratie-Vilap ( Ratie’s Lament ) – related to delayed release of all folios of Vivritti pending Guruji’s publication – which unlike Lord Siva went un.

Prof. Ratie’s exciting story of the discovery here:

This is the 3rd unique witness of this important work. woefully still only partial.

I just realized something. K.C. Pandey – he will be my Grand Guru through Guruji – first finds it – then I discover it again and Guruji gets to publish it first.

So the lineage in three generation gets to serve Utpal Dev.

Digitzations in Varanasi:

Jangamwadi Math, digitizations have crossed 3000 Titles.

743 Titles in Kannada[]=subject%3A%22Jangamwadi+Kannada%22

190 in Marathi

Notable Digitizations:

This 1835 Edition of Raja Tarangini was the oldest Printed Text we have digitized so far from the Library.

Several Volumes of Hindi Vishva Kosh 1925

Several Volumes of Maharashtriya Gyan Kosh 1920s

Mumukshu Bhawan has crossed 4500 Titles.

Notable Texts:

2 Sanskrit Translations of Kabir Das’ Bijak

1882 Yagyavalkya Smriti

1850 Mahabhashya ( Navahnika )

Damaged Partial Sarasvati Kanthabharana. Fonts distinctly 19th Century

1883 Dandak:

Srinagar Digitizations

311 Manuscripts were digitized from several parts of Kashmir mostly Sharada.

Some well-known titles amonstst there were:

Ishvar Pratyabhijna Sutra Vimarshini

Abhinavan Tantra Sara

Pratyabhijna Hridaya of Khemraj

Kavya Prakash


Vedic Manuscripts

Sama Veda

Sama Veda 2

Lalla Manuscript:

and 56 Manuscripts from a Jammu based octagenarian formerly a Kashmiri priest Shri Dina Nath Raina courtesy Sanjay Raina ji

Rare Books of Mrugendra Vinod Ji, Varanasi. 

I was introduced to Mrugendra Vinod ji through my Indian American Friend Vipul Patel ji – his batch mate in Baroda University in the 80s.

Mrugendra jis story is illuminating. He pursued higher education in Computer Engineering back in the days when 3 month certifcate-holders from NIT were finding placement in America during the gold-rush of the IT Revolution. all his colleagues are now American citizens and pursuing the American Dream. Mrugendra ji on the other hand lives a life in oblivion in a kuti in varanasi 2 km from the nearest road. pursuing his passion for the Scriptures.

His 60+ Donations can be seen below which includes several photocopies of manuscripts he collected from different Libraries.[]=creator%3A%22mrugendra+vinod+ji+collection%22


We have now 16+ employees workin in 5 centers.

Our Monthly output is an average 1100 Books/2.5 Lakh pages

Expenses: 3.5 Lakh Rs/month

All credit to Czur Scanners and its average output of 2000 pages/day/scanner

eGangotri 35: Varanasi Digitizations. Dhaval Patel RTI Battle Greatest News of the Decade. UP Govt.s Digital Initiative

So its been more than a year I have being deferring my Newsletter. So finally I overcome laziness.
I am on a minor world-tour. started with budget-friendly Serbia/Montenegro/Albania/Kosovo/North Macedonia to NY to Costa Rica and now Yoga rich Bocas El Toro, Panama with the supreme convenience of only using US Dollars.
Lots of Happening Discoveries and Digitizations.

Mumukshu Bhawan, Varanasi

We discovered about a unknow library in Mumukshu Bhawan, Varanasi  – courtesy Jagadanand Jha ji, Chief Librarian Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan of Lucknow. Permission was granted very easily but when we started working at the Library with 3 Almirahs of rare books and many manuscripts – my staff discovered there was another Library – supposed to be only for Monastics and locked for as long as anyone could remember. 
The Managament was most kind in breaking the locks for us and we discovered 10 Almirahs and 2 boxes of books with some manuscripts. Most books were pre-1950s. 
The 2500 books that we got to scan in the last 1 year can be seen below:[]=subject%3A%22eGangotri-35%22

We need another two months to complete the entire Library.
Our experience at Mumukshu yet again proves my Thesis – how our Textual heritage is so lavaris(लावारिस)/abandoned mode. In Mumukshu – minus Gita Press and Anand Ashram books – atleast 70% of texts are unique and unknown items which no one can find in any bookstore or even a catalog of a Library.
Speaking of our lavaris – abandoned mode – heritage, one of our volunteers shared this pictures of a Library in Ayodhya
and you can see how a amazing resource on Rama Bhakti exists but so ill maintianed and due to non-digitization out-of-bounds to anyone.
Other Benares CollectionsOur Work at Jangamwadi has crossed 1000+

All Paper manuscripts have been digitized. The Palm Leaf Manuscripts are still untouched awaiting repairs. Books are being scanned. 50% of the 8 Almirahs have deen digitized. As usual we digitize the cream first – so most of the important books are already out there

Ved Nidhi Collection at 500+
Sharada Manuscripts from Kashmir.So Pandemic no bars – people who were always elusive – were actually at home and we digitized profusely all over Kashmir.[]=subject%3A%22eGangotri-35%22

Yes 194 Manuscripts in 1 Year.
Manuscripts found at Parna-Kuti of IT-Graduate Turned Hermit/Recluse/Scholar Shri Mrugendra Vinod
Internet Archive Search: subject%3A%22Mrugendra%20Vinod%20Ji%20Collection%22

Internet Archive Search: subject%3A%22Mrugendra%20Vinod%20Ji%20Collectio…
308 Texts from Kashmir Reaserach Institute, Srinagar.[]=subject%3A%22eGangotri-35%22

Curios found. Takri/Urdu Dual script Sainik Dand Vidhan ( Military Penal Code Manual )
Shri Ranbir Singh Sainik Dand Vidhi Yani Jangi Kanoon Military Penal Code Jammu 1887 Takri And Urdu Dual Script Printed Text Jammu And Kashmir State : Jammu and Kashmir State : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Shri Ranbir Singh Sainik Dand Vidhi Yani Jangi Kanoon Military Penal Cod…Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar, ‘Shri Ranbir Singh Sainik Dand Vidhi Yani Jangi Kanoon Military Penal Code…
27 Texts from Lahore.[]=subject%3A%22eGangotri-35%22

1868 PanchangDevanagari Panchang 1868 Anon : Anon : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Devanagari Panchang 1868 Anon : Anon : Free Download, Borrow, and Stream…Hindi Books at Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar, ‘Devanagari Panchang 1868 – Anon’

Samnameh a Kashmiri-Persian Epic
Saamnameh Kashmiri Vol 1 Srinagar Syed Amir Shah Sahib : Syed amir Shah Sahib : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Saamnameh Kashmiri Vol 1 Srinagar Syed Amir Shah Sahib : Syed amir Shah …Urdu Books at Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar, ‘Saamnameh Kashmiri Vol 1 Srinagar – Syed amir Shah Sahib’

The Celebrated Farsi Epic Shahnama in Kashmiri Translation 1938
Shahnama In Kashmiri Vol 6 1938 Ghula Mohd Publisher : Ghula Mohd Publisher : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Shahnama In Kashmiri Vol 6 1938 Ghula Mohd Publisher : Ghula Mohd Publis…Urdu Books at Kashmir Research Institute, Srinagar, ‘Shahnama In Kashmiri Vol 6 1938 – Ghula Mohd Publisher’

External News:
Dhaval Patel. RTI. Battle 

After seven long years, IAS Officer/DM Dhaval Patel jis RTI battle to get all NMM Digitized Data of 3 Lakh Manuscripts in Public Domain finally came through.
Govt. Executive Order to NMM can be seen below:

Digital Amiruddaula library.
Kudos to Govt of UP, Lucknows iconic Amir-ud-Daula Library is going digital.

NMM Catalogs Volunteers have provided a nice User Friendly Interface to NMM Catalog Data.

Compehensive Listing of all Indological Series and Web Links where possible

This Page will contain a mega Catalog of all Indological Publication Series such as KSTS/Chitrodaya Manjari/Kavyamala/Vizianagram Series etc.

A Work in Progress by our Team
KSTS ( Govt. of J&K)

Kashmir Series of Text and Studies ( KSTS )

Kavyamala Series ( from Nirnaya Sagar Press ):
Research below already:
Complete Collection of Kavyamala Series of Books of Nirnaya Sagar Press | Sanskrit eBooks

Gaekwad Oriental Series: